Image by Craig Boehman

The above image was edited in Photoshop making use of Silver Efex Pro for the black and white conversion. 

Who: I'm looking for one male or female, age 18 and above. 

What: For an homage ad featuring Silver Efex Pro, one of the plugins found in the Nik Software suite. 

When: We would commit to around your schedule.

Where: [Mumbai] This could be an interior or exterior shoot, depending on availability of the model. 

Why: For personal work. This is not an official ad for Nik Software. It's only for portfolio purposes. Therefore this is not a paid assignment. Please read guidelines for this shoot. Model will receive free images for personal use.


We will end up with three final portraits, each with one in color and one in black and white version, making use of Silver Efex Pro in post-processing. The idea is to have a side-by-side of each to demonstrate what photographers can achieve using the software. The details of the portraits will be worked out with the model once he or she agrees to the shoot. 

There would be no story here, per se. Each frame would stand apart from one another.  

The Look:

There will be three different wardrobes for this shoot (as casual or as formal as model desires). Since I don't have any requirements for a specific age or gender, the wardrobe will be agreed upon in advance. Professional make-up isn't required. The only requirement I'm sticking to for this and other projects here, is the hair must be tied up in a bun (if female) or combed back completely, if male. 

(Please note these pictures below are not mine and are being used only for instructional purposes for a mood board)

Why - Part 2

I'm developing an ongoing series of personal projects geared towards attracting commercial clients for name brands. Each project will have its own page on my website, where I will lay out the details. My hope is to attract subjects who will want to appear in these projects, especially if they have a need for interesting images for their social media pages/websites. 

The reason why I'm laying it out this way is because "searching for models" is time-consuming - since it is unpaid and everyone has their own work schedules to contend with, including myself. Therefore, I will share the projects and hope that someone will come along and adopt each one in good time. 

If you're interested, please contact me and send me a link to your portfolio or Instagram profile. Also, I would require a signed model release form in advance of meeting, which includes your usage rights to my images. You can download it below.

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